best organic fertilizer

For most passionate backyard gardeners, molding a fertile soil that is rich in nutrients and humus is the foundation to growing luscious vegetables and fruits and blooming flowers.

The core factor of organic gardening apparently depends on the overall sustainability and fertility of the soil rather than using fertilizers as shortcut to attaining high harvests. The soil in your garden may be lacking particular nutrients or may have poor soil structure and poor moisture retention ability among others.

Fundamentally, you should note that there is always a starting point. What this means is that unless you luckily landed a perfect soil, you have to put more effort to make it suitable for gardening.

10 Best Organic Fertilizer

Product NameBrandSpecialityNutrients Analysis (N-P-K)Packaged SizeBest Purposed
Wiggle Worm Soil Builder Earthworm Castings

wiggle worm soild builder earthworm
Unco IndustriesGarden1-0-04.5-Pounds, 15-Pounds, 30-PoundsHouseplants, vegetables, and flowers
Lawn Restore II

9333 Ringer Lawn Fertilizer
SaferLawn10-0-625-PoundsRestoration of all types of lawn plants
Dr. Earth 712 Organic 7

Dr Earth 712 Organic Fertilizer
Dr. EarthGarden4-4-412-PoundsVegetables, Flowers, Bedding Plants, Perennials, Shrubs, and Annuals
Scotts Natural Lawn Food

scott natural lawn food
ScottsLawn11-2-231.4- PoundsAll types of grass in the lawn
Jobe’s Organics Fast Start Granular Fertilizer with Biozome

Jobe Organic Fertilizer
Easy GardenerGarden4-4-24-PoundsSeeds and New Plantings
Organic Plant Magic
organic plant magic
Organic Plant MagicGarden6-5-50.5-PoundsVegetables, Flowers, and fruits
Espoma ELF20 Lawn Food

Espoma ELF20 Lawn Food
EspomaLawn18-0-320-PoundsAll types of grass in the lawn
Jobe's 6028 Organic Vegetable Fertilizer Food Spikes

Jobe 6028 Organic Vegetable Fertilizer
Jonathan Green 11584

Jonathan Green 11584
Jonathan GreenLawn8-3-120-PoundsAll types of grass in the lawn
Medina Growing Green Granular Organic Fertilizer

Medina Growin Green Granular Organic Fertilizer
MedinaLawn4-2-35-Pounds, 40-PoundsAll types of grass in the lawn

What to look into when using organic fertilizer

1. Nutrient content

Many people in the recent past have ventured into organic farming either as leisure or full-time activity. This has led to the advent of various types of organic garden fertilizer from different sources. It is essential to understand the contents of the fertilizer and the purpose it serves before applying it on your lawn or garden. One important element to consider is the type of nutrients your backyard garden soil lacks. Once you have established it, you can go ahead and get the fertilizer and apply it to the soil to boost the nutrients. It is only sensible to use a fertilizer that improves your soil as well as stimulating root development of the plants in your garden.

2. Nature of soil

The type of the soil where you garden or lawn is located is also an important factor when it comes to determining the types of organic fertilizers to use. Establish whether your soil is sandy, loamy or clay and after that use the appropriate fertilizer that would account for it. This will certainly help you in making the right choices that will eventually enable you to yield desirable results from the garden.

3. Safety

This is the other fundamental aspect that you should never overlook when using organic manure. There are several types of organic fertilizers produced using different techniques. It, therefore, implies that some would hurt the soil and plants too. As a precautionary safety measure for your plants and soil, it is recommended that you identify the contents the fertilizer is made of especially if it is not from your compost.

4. Seasonality

There are organic fertilizers that can only be used during particular seasons of the year. It is vital to establish whether the fertilizer you are looking for can be used irrespective of the time of the season or it is limited to specific seasons. Once you have determined when to fertilize lawn or garden, depending on your needs, you should be able to make the right choices when obtaining the type that suits you.

5. Cost

It is also significant to acknowledge the fact that not all types of organic manures are made at homes. There are an instance when as a gardener you will need to get fresh manure especially if you have a special requirement or probably when the fertilizer in your compost does not seem to be enough for your backyard garden or lawn. Such circumstances call for purchasing of fertilizer at various garden centers. Always ensure that you consider the pricing and factor in whether it worth your money. If the cost is relatively expensive, you can always choose to make your enough fertilizer at home by buying a sizeable tumbling composter and compost bins.

Difference between garden and lawn organic fertilizer

The key role of fertilizer is to help in boosting the plants as they grow as well as amend the soil to become productive and consequently support and yield healthy plants. Fertilizer requirements for gardens and lawns are to a large degree not the same. The primary reason is that the types of plants that grow in these two areas are dissimilar which call for a difference in the type of fertilizers applied.

Time of application

Ordinarily, lawns are supposed to be fertilized from the start of October while gardens are customarily fertilized in the spring when plants are already established. The reason for this is because lawn majorly comprises of grass and a few flowers and when fertilizer is applied during spring, it may encourage the ground growth and not necessarily root development, which eventually harms the growth of grass.

Mineral content

Best Lawn Fertilizer should contain more Nitrogen content than any other mineral. This is because nitrogen helps in boosting the growth of the leafy parts of a plant. In the case of lawn, high Nitrogen content will help the grass to grow green, healthy and have vigor.

This is the main reason why a fertilizer with NPK ratio of 10:0:6 like such as Lawn Restore II is regarded as one of the best fertilizer to apply on your lawn. In this case, the Nitrogen content in this fertilizer is 10%, and Potassium is 6% whereas Phosphorous is zero. It, therefore, means that it is ideal for developing leaves and that is why it is preferred for lawns.

In the case of the garden, vegetables and fruits are usually the common plants. Therefore, fertilizer rich is phosphorous is ideal as it helps in boosting root development suitable for absorbing nutrients and moisture for ultimate healthy and luscious harvest.

Mode of application

In most cases, garden fertilizer is usually applied straight to the soil in the form of granular. Basically, garden fertilizer is scratched and covered a few inches down the soil and then watered for it to take effect on the plants’ roots. On the other hand, lawn fertilizers are applied through spraying over the grass surface and gets into the roots when watering the lawn. In many occasions, liquid organic fertilizer is normally meant for lawns because of the ease of application.

Best Organic Lawn Fertilizers

9333 Ringer Lawn Fertilizer

Lawn Restore II

by Safer

This is the top rated best organic lawn fertilizer in the market today. It is manufactured by Safer and has been helpful in creating natural green and thick lawns for a significant period. The response time of this fertilizer in feeding the lawn plants is super fast.

Basically, within 3-5 days upon applying it, your lawn shall start realizing a new look. This fertilizer provides an ideal natural balance to the elements in the soil in your compound, which consequently yields greener and healthier lawn in just a matter of days. It is very economical since handful amount can be able to cover quite a large portion of your lawn, which means that eventually, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money when using this special organic fertilizer.

It comprises of beneficial fungi that enhance the production of the essential elements that your grass require to grow green and healthy. The other spectacular feature of this fertilizer is that it does not destabilize or improvise the soil structure, moisture retention ability, and aeration. On the contrary, it develops all these aspects, which simply makes it an ideal choice for your lawn.

One important thing that you need to know about Lawn Restore II is that it is non-toxic. It, therefore, implies that you can use it where kids and pets frequent without fearing for their safety. It is also odor free meaning that you will not get that disgusting smell after spraying it on your lawn. Additionally, this particular organic fertilizer restores your lawn without necessarily causing burns in the plants.

Best Organic Garden Fertilizers

wiggle worm soild builder earthworm

Wiggle Worm Soil Builder Earthworm Castings Organic Fertilizer

by Unco Industries

It is regarded as the greatest organic fertilizer in the world of all time. It comprises of worms that are introduced directly into the soil to break down the nutrients into the absorbable component.

This manure is made through vermicomposting, and it is an ideal all round fertilizer with the ability to offer both short and long term feeding to the plants without necessarily altering the Ph of the soil. It is suitable for all plants that you grow in your backyard, both in the garden and the lawn.

When applying this particular organic fertilizer, you can hardly fail to measure it correctly and interestingly, the more you use it, the better your soil becomes regarding fertility, aeration, structure and moisture retention.

Basically, the process that appears when using this fertilizer is that the earthworms in the fertilizer process the soil. After that, the worm castings that result from the process are broken down into a form that allows the plants to absorb them quickly. This is unlike other fertilizers that task the plants with breaking down the nutrients before absorbing thus using a lot of energy.

The nutrients of this fertilizer come in two forms. The first one allows for a quick fix where the plants absorb them directly for better yields in the late season. The other nutrient offers long term and ideal environment for plants as they develop. It basically creates a healthy environment that will enable the plants, in the long run, to grow strong and green.

This fertilizer is cost-effective because it only needs to be applied in small amounts in relatively large portions. The other thing that makes this fertilizer ideal is the fact that is odorless and safe to use.